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How to install Auto Sound proofing material from Novidamp

For easiest and safest installation, we recommend using these tools: gloves, glasses and a mask for safety. For the prep work, a good wire brush, acetone and paper towels. Finally for the actual cutting and sound proofing installation you should have a hand roller (available from us), tape measure, sharpie, utility knife and t-squares.

1. First step in auto sound proofing is to remove debris

Photo showing debris removal prior to adhering sound damping materials

For best adhesion and sound deadening, scrape off all loose debris with a wire brush.

2. Cleaning surfaces prepares for damping material adhesion

Photo showing best method of surface preparation for sound proofing material adhesion

Use acetone to clean off as much contaminates as possible. As with any flammable liquid, use acetone only in well ventilated garages or outside. Always make sure the Acetone has dried fully prior to sticking down any Novidamp sound deadening materials.

3. How to cut material for sound damping a classic car

Precut custom patterns for sound damping material installation

To cut Novidamp sound deadener into your desired shape, you may either make a pattern and trace it or just use a T square and a tape measure. This material is easy to cut and shape. Shown here is the use of a pattern, a sharpie, and a box cutter to cut sections that will eventually deaden the entire trunk.

4. How to cut simple shapes using sheets of sound proofing material

Shown here is the simplicity of using novidamp damping sheets to quiet road noise

Shown here is the use of a simple T-square and tape measure to draw and cut out the desired shapes. The material is extremely easy to work with in all temperatures and climates.

5. Classic car road noise reduction instructions using Novidamp

This photo shows how easy it is to peel and stick our noise reduction material in your classic car

After cutting Novidamp noise reduction materials simply peel the paper back and get ready to install the best sound damping product on the market today. It can’t be any simpler of a process to reduce noise or control thermal heat management in classic cars or whatever machine you need to make quiet.

6. How to cover your ride with sound deadening materials from Novidamp

Complete coverage of sound proofing material will result in the best solution to reduce road noise

Stick the sound deadener down, and around the entire space you are seeking to cover. Novidamp’s material is the thickest on the market yet remains incredibly easy to use in every situation.

7. Rolling out air bubbles in sound proofing mat instructions

Photo of air bubble removal in final step of sound proofing a car trunk

Once the sound proofing material has been laid down and bent around all surfaces you must roll out the air bubbles. Roll down and all around to remove air bubbles and to make sure you have 100% adhesion. The more you roll the more you will ensure the best adhesion possible between the sound proofing material and all the vehicle surfaces you have applied it to. Our materials will work on plastic & metal surfaces.